Thinking about purchasing a home? Don't know what to do? The Home Buyers Coaching Club is the place for you! When looking for a new home, first seek information and pre-qualification by one of our expert coaches. When you complete our program, you will have the negotiating power of a cash buyer and when making offers, you'll know you have the mortgage program to back it safe in hand. Click here to get started!

Getting Started

Home Buyers Coaching Club is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your path to home ownership, even if you haven't decided the kind of house to search for. Why? You will be better educated, prepared and confident when you start your search. Our process mirrors the loan application process, this way you can become familiar with the terms and requirements right away. LETS MOVE!

Personalized Service

Coaches will walk with you through the process and be with you every step of the way. From choosing the right loan program to researching down payment assistance, we will make sure you understand it all. We will develop your Personalized Purchasing Plan whether you are purchasing today or in the future.

Online Education

No time to attend class? No Problem! Check out our Online Education program. This is an online class, which fulfills Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac education requirements, testing and certification.